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help me ! i had this relationship from past many years. we had many ons and offs. i did plenty of mistakes and yet we were together. and in a point of time, i took her for granted and neglected her. i was not a perfect boyfriend but i always loved and cared for her. we were too attached and later, we thought about marriage. i was too scared to talk at my place. and from over a year, we used to fight allot and again came back. but later i gave up and didnt man up and told her to lets end it cause i dont know if we will marry. she yet kept trying and we were still in good talking terms. but later she started drifting apart, she started ignoring me and started to bother less about me. and by distancing me, i felt her value and importance. i understood my mistakes and by the time i went to apologise, she didnt wanted me back. she then said she lost all her feelings and cant see a future with me. in 3-4 weeks, she changed drastically. that one person who used to be concerned about me, loved me, cared about me and all gone. i begged her, pleaded her, tried to convince her, spoke to her friends but every thing turned out to disappointment. now she doesnt even want to talk to me. what should i do get her back? help me. i am not able to sleep at night and cant think about anything else than this.

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