issues in relationship
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A 6 years old relationship was gone...she dumped me beacuse she was thinking I am changed...i tried to save the relationship but she didnt stay...i accepted that...although it was very tough but i had to accept it...i tried very to move took so much energy and time...and then there is another girl came into my life...we were happy...daily chats and video calls....i got attached...and one night when we were chatting she saw my ex online and i was replying late as i was playing pubg...i told her that i am not talking to my ex but she didnt believe that and stopped talking to me...after two days i texted her...and she was like i am not going stay anymore and the reason is my elder sister have a doubt on me and it can cause big blunder... i cared for both of them so much i loved them so much...never cheated on them....and they both left me...feeling so broken...what was my fault? focusing on my career? having a good time with my friends? now the first one wants to comeback and i am afraid now...still in love with the second one and she is still doing me wrong. how can someone be so changed in just 2 days!

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