issues in relationship and family
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i was in my second year and i was in relationship too but that was not working and we broke up and my college life was also not good people used to bully me a lot and i was very cheerful person but some thing happened in college to me my classmate physically abused me for silly reason and poke me and then i cried a lot my mental health was started to getting worse i was having anger issues and got irrtated easily and i broke up too with my boyfriend because he didnt give me commitment after sometime i started to get into depression . my sister noticed the changes in my behavior and consult psychologist and psychiatrist in gangaram hospital and i didnt go to college but afte taking medications and all i started to go clg in 2015 i was well in 2015 but in 2016 get into depression again and this time it was worse than before because i started hallucinate things my tai ji got expired she was close to me she attempted suicide bcz of the same issue which was happening to me and she needed help but no one identified her symptoms like in my family they identified my symptoms so i was so disturbed and starting to hallucinate but somehow medications worked out and in some months i got well .. and in 2017 i found a person who started to care and i fell for that person i gave another chance to love . and life was again beautiful but after some months : he also did something very wrong i did so efforts for him because it was like a first experience of proper relation i enjoyed life with him but something worse happen again and we fought a lot he blames me he said i will never become a singer he used to say a lot of bad things he was overpossesive and we broke up in 2018 february and after that i thought i have to do something for me i hustle and i did not stop i took music class to guru and then i got admission in one of the top musical instt in delhi gandharv mahavidhalya and it was going all well i got comnected to ritik and i made new friends in music class i was attached with my mentor guru maa it was all going well i was so confident but in 2020 when lockdown happened my guru maa left gandharava bcz of her family problems and i slowly slowly lost intereste in music which i love the most which helped me to heal and guru maa left then my ex came back again that too in lockdown my mistake was i talked to him again and he said toxic things again to me and i got disturbed after that : i lost my self esteem slowly slowly but i tried a lot i made music covers and try to connect with people but in past few months i cried a lot bcz of the fact i am not doing anything productive i was so stressed and i realised firstly it was isolation bcz of corona but now its corona or not i dnt want to go outside i try to go outiside but not feeling good : and on my birthday this january ,this scam happened and now my condition is bad than before i was trying to cope up and trying to resolve things and then this happened now i dont know where to go what to do

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