issues in relationship because of another person's admiration
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Hi... I have a relationship of more 2.5 years...My girlfriend is my classmate....Before involving with me,she was very much attracted to one of my best friends who is also my classmate.She didn't inform me about all these before our relationship began....I somehow managed to console myself and tried to make myself happy with her....We have a very good relationship,very DEEP too...But I often notice she is still tracking and following all the activities of her previous crush.....He was a poet,she became poet too...He wrote a book in 2018 book fair...She also wrote a book in 2019 book fair...He stopped writing in 2020,she also stopped writing noticeably...Recently a few days ago, he published a research paper...Now,out of nowhere my girlfriend is telling me that she also want to do a research.....Throughout this whole time,I have asked her many times do you still love him?Every time she refuses,tells that she only loves me and blames me saying that I am overthinking......NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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