It happens every time
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Lately I catch myaelf often worrying about my relationship. I've been in two other long term relationships before this one, (With the father's of my children; one of them, we were married). At this point, I know that there comes times in all relationships where things change, and simply aren't in the 'honey moon' stage. I guess I just take it harder than most because of the details that went into that time in my last relationship. (For the most part, and to just stick to the gist.) I'm pretty logical. Like I had mentioned, for expl, I keep in mind that theae thunfs happen and why, etc. And I also keep in mind that I'm not with him anymore, I'm with someone totally different. .. Those sorts of things. - However, regardless of all the answers if why, and whatever-at-all!, still just sucks. - I've been feeling worried, insecure some. my two youngest are still toddler age, and I've been a SAM . So, lonely too sometimes.

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