just need someone so that i will not feel isolated
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i am feeling to cry . feeling so lost and lonely . it's like to whom I liked they never want me . no one is there to talk with me . i receive no text from anyone . and if i try to talk to someone they make an excuse . in family function also i am not able to interact with anyone . i feel very anxious and insecure while taking to any girl . i constantly think that i am not worthy of love . no one is ever gonna show intrest in me . feel leftout . no one ever say a small hi to me also . i feel unloved and unworthy , no one needs me in their life . life is so hard for me . i feel like as if i am dead . me living or dead is same still they not gonna care . it's been years . it seems like I want to scream and cry but control it . can anyone please just talk with me for a while . i will not feel isolated .

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