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does love exist or its just for physical needs..at an early age u had child abuse but then later when explained to my boyfriend he said he loves me and all we had left was just physical.and then the next guy whom i dated also wanted sex.do real connection emotions exist before ya its only sex which could connect 2 people.why the heck then our parents survived a relationship was it just commitment ya commitment and love involved.however is this generation whole corrupt...me being a doctor and yet all i could find is a person who wants to have sex and just sex ..another person i was lucky enough to find he wants to wait for sex it was all roses...however he wouldnt talk much being an introvert how do i convey what i feel.will it be wrong to bring my problems to discussion..how exactly do introverts communicate..am i supposed to be waiting patiently..i am.falling for him he also said that he does love me but i am a chit chatter and dont know if he really does love me and would want me

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