Just sharing something about parents
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hi, this post is not to create any negative image of my parents... just wanted to share something related to their behaviour - so from last 27 years, I am seeing my parent fighting over small small things verbally (not in bad way) but some kind of yelling and all... during my college days, I used to pray that God do something so their fight should reach divorce because divorce is not a bad thing right ..today also, they argued.... for example, my mother got operated last year and she gets I'll and some pain in her legs now and then due to recovery period....and when she mentions this, they both start argue and start telling each other that this can be cured by this or that ...rather than discussion, they do this in arguments.... sometimes I think maybe I am thinking too much but on seeing them fighting over small small issue and doing argument rather than discussion, I am forced to think why can't they just get divorced ..I just want them to be happy

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