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hi all, today is my parents marriage anniversary, but as usual, something has happened which led them to fight verbally (not much big but you can see that)...this happens on every special occasion that they fight either big or small. I know the things which happened today shouldn't be happened by my father as I know he didn't do that consciously but unconsciously, and that lead to my mother getting tensed that now one relative knows it and they will spread ot and they will talk on my mother's back that this all is happening at their house. i know neither my father nor my mother is wrong in any scenario but it's just ones right is wrong for other.,. and I can see that in last 28 years that they didn't agree on common decisions and has always been on opposite side... sometimes I just want them to take divorce and then they can live happily after that because being in a husband wife relationship brings kind of relatedness and if they gets seperate, then problem is solved,

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