just why!?
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why does it always necessary for us to understand our parents all PPL say parents have every right to do whatever they want for us bt i ask why does they think like they own us just because they work or earn for us it doesn't mean it gives them the right to treat is however they want i truely appreciate what they do for their child i respect that bt why don't they understand that we children not only want money to grow up we need love and care they say we learn to talk back from others bt it's not true it makes me feel like I'm an extra in their life they don't need me i understand their hardships but why can't they once think how i feel i never open up about my feelings because of them if something happens i try to explain nd if they don't listen i just pretend to be ok like nothing happened when I'm not are they doing favor on us by nurturing us no right cause i think it's their duty then how come always make us feel that they earn money so thy can treat us however they want..

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