lack of emotional support
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Hi, I am married working mom. I am going to complete my 6 years of marriage. My husband is very kind hearted person who is easy going and down to earth. His mother is an anxiety patient and has attention seeking personality. My father passed away 2 years after my marriage due to advanced carcinoma. 3rd year into my marriage my mother in law was diagnosed with initial stage of carcinoma and she has recovered. In the midst of all these, I had conceived exactly 3 year after our marriage by ICSI as my husband has a fertility issue. I was conceived with twins and I delivered one beautiful angel. Throughout my entire struggle, I have not received one slight support either from my husband or his mom. I have taken all the burden in my shoulder and have never asked them too. The only time I ask for help is when I m completely alone or mentally broken. But, during this time I receive a very null support from my husband. He is a lot egoistic and never sacrifices his personal luxury. Even if I discuss my future goal with my husband, he just shows no interest and says he is not interested in all those stuffs and wants me to serve his mom and make her happy. Kindly tell me what I should do?

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