lack of support towards depression by family
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Hi everyone, I'm 19 years old and I've acute depression . My parents think I'm a "waste of money" and refuse to pay for my therapy . I tried free counselling but it did not help . I also tried to get jobs but it's hard given my young age and lack of experience . Even if I do find a job , I'm unable to hold it down for more than a month due to rapidly deteriorating mental health . My mother is very possessive and she does not let me go to meet my friends or my boyfriend . I'm not allowed to talk to them on the phone either . This loneliness is also crippling me . I can't move out immediately as I don't have a job either and nobody in my family is willing to help me . I've tried setting boundaries with my parents but they refuse to abide . I've tried to commit suicide multiple times . When I opened up about it in a last desperate attempt to save myself , I was called sadistic and dramatic by my family . Since I still managed to not die yet , I figured I should ask for help one last time so here i am .

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