last straw idk
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idk how this will work but im 16yrs old and i have a complete happy priveleged family for real but the problem lies within me and it literally gets worse as time goes by. I upset people around me, I disappoint them, offend them and I don't even know how do I do that but yes I do that. it's really I don't know it's just I want to get better for real i know i can i really do but im just the worst person in the room. I believe I have anger issues and I am to a mature I guess and I'm always worse than the next person. it's just I think the feelings and emotions I go through puts me in the lowest place everytime but i dont think i shouldget behind it because I think I do deserve all that for always dissapointing and really upsetting the people around me with my actions and words and just literallly by existing. I'm think it's a curse I am a part of this family because they don't deserve it. they don't deserve a bit of what I give them so yeah i don't know. aaaand im scared about my future.

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