letting her go.
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it's been 7 years I made a decision. My best friend was in a relationship, but wasn't happy. her boyfriend kept cheating on him and i was there. saw her weep i always had this impression she loves him like hell. bcz after all these he had done to her she still wanted him. I was honestly impressed by her dedication even though it felt like stupid. so one day they finally broke up. so oneday, she called me to meet me. now I couldn't come, i asked could she tell me over the phone what's so important? so she said she loves me. anyway we had a good understanding between us since we were bestee. so we went in a relationship. 1 week later her bf knows bout this and felt jealous and wanted to come back. he wanted to meet her and talk to her. she asked me what to do. i said do what you want to do. if you think u wanna give him another chance you can. it's your call. and then she went back to him. i cried once and all went back. Her bf changed ever since. they are still together now.

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