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dude it's too much of problem for me. i score average.i wanted to be famous i still low-key wants that but i possess no talent. i wanted to be swimmer when i was 6-7, my father said there's no scope so i left that goal of mine. i got interested in acting and acted in theatre but bcz of bad bollywood, my family didn't allow me further and i was okay bcz i also started disliking this fact of wood. then comes baking, they said it's of no use. comes cooking, i didn't achieve anything, comes dancing but u was bad at it,then comes singing, but i have a bad voice. rn i am left with no hope of future. i am not interested in a 9-5 type of job. and am always ready for something artistic and creative but i am good a t nothing. have no hope left and is depressed for the same and also bcz of how my parents treat me mentally dk what to do. i have this as my problem from 2 years but still got no solution and now i have started loosin hope of ever resolving this career problem of mine.

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