listen everyone don't be sad
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listen everyone fight for yourself. be warrior . it's ok if you have nobody to love .and feel alone , crying every night it's all okay but the real is what you do after getting hurt are you going to be in a same state or will work for yourself.. workhard choose one aim and work hard , focus on your ambition if you don't have any ambition then ask yourself what makes you happy , if you're out of money find new job anywhere and invest your money into your passion,, no body will wipe your tears and Hug you and love you ,, you have to collect yourself by yourself,, _ work on your body _ try to live alone _ live like A lion _ Focus on one aim_ fight for yourself _ be kind to poor people _ spread happiness to poor people on streets _ it's ok to be alone _collect yourself and work on your self _ time will show them that you're a real queen or king _ go crazy ___ if you're crying then wipe your tears and Stand up for yourself

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