loneliness and mobile addiction is eating me from inside . feeling really so unstable . needhelpguys
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my phone addiction is increasing day by day . it's been two year , i have in phone , rather than focusing on my career or something productive . i am less social , even i am so lucky that i don't have a friend . i always sit alone in my college . and always alone in everything , while others are enjoying , going outs , . I don't know what should i do . I am feeling mentally unstable now. There are lots of things happen at same time . For the first time , i came out of my family and living in this new city , delhi where nobody us like me . Nobody even care how i feeling . i am weak at dealing with things . i am alone at college and my hostel too . i am really frustrated to another level , and to ignore everything going on in my life , i scroll whole day on mobile , seeing nonsense things and over burdening my mind . and at the end i am left with regret in me , . i really want a good friend in my life with whom i can share things , that is my Christmas and New year 's wish . help

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