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i m 20 nd extremely lonely, i never had friends,do not have any friend currently,no social life.I have few people but I do not feel like friends with them(i don't feel good with them,i feel like they r my enemies,they try to put me down). Sometimes i feel okay but max. times,i do not feel okay being lonely,i get very depressing thoughts and i think like what m i lacking or what m i doing wrong,but no answers, everytime this happens I just start distracting myself with other distractions but they r not giving me solution.i do not want to feel okay alone.i would be happy if anyone told me how to make friends , what m i doing wrong, will anyone of u be my friend,will anyone accept and listen my thoughts as it is with open mind ?i never had a gf,i m rejected by every girl,i don't even have female friends,i m never accepted,i m always rejected. i feel really frustrated, depressed and i feel like i m lacking n incomplete n I feel like my life is a mess.i dont have any1 to talk,Please help

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