long distance relationship issues
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My boyfriend (long distance) constantly hurt my feelings. I feel that he takes me for granted and never acknowledges me and my insecurities that I have. I do not expect huge gestures or gifts to feel special. All i expect is little things like video calls and voice calls frequently (twice a week). We talk on call once in 15-20days and haven't had a video call since 5months. I'm trying to be patient and supportive. My expectations and hope from this relationship is decreasing with each day. I feel that I'm not a part of this relationship and vanish little by little each day. Its making me anxious, stressed and clearly taking a toll on my mental health, career (as I'm unable to focus on my exam preparation) and family. I'm unable to focus on my studies, I've lost my appetite and feel unworthy, less confident. I do believe that he's not cheating on me. He was supposed to move into the same city but got postponed due to Coronavirus pandemic.

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