Long history of psychiatric medicine and it’s effect on life
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my age 47 , so i am senior , my problems last 25 years , depression, anxiety, low mood , low energy, mind fog , mood swings, 15 years took medication, now on stimulants to survive , not able to work, no enthusiasm, no motivation, unable to experience joy, low down feeling , sometimes anger ,frustration, right hip operated so cant do sex and other physical activities , broken family before 10 years so guilt feelings, no friends, not able to work past 15 years, do job or business, smoking , drinking, need peace of mind, some therapy so that no need to taking silly medicines or stimulants, able to regain mind balance , be peaceful , happy, positive , normal, do my work , some self help learning therapies scientific ,so no dependency on doctors and drugs ,else endless loop of medical help last 25 years.someway we can survive on our own without help of external doctors or drug

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