long term anxiety and its physiological effect
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Since few years I have found myself increasingly anxious - be it exams or something to do with my parents. I somehow fear their death a lot. This has escalated to the point where I wake up at midnight assuming some sound is their cry for help. Idk if I assume another sound as their voice or my mind just makes it up.  And I get these strong impulses to go check on them or something will happen to them. This has now progressed to checking locks multiple times as well. Sometimes, I’m okay. Like I can convince myself it’s gonna be okay but sometimes I cannot for the life of me convince myself to just stay put and not go check.   I’m also incredibly anxious sometimes and remain like that even after the situation has passed. I still find my legs and stomach tingling after whatever I was scared to do has been done. I’ve had I think 2 public panic attacks (Atleast that’s what I think they are) in two different situations. 21 F  If you could help me get some clarity on this , I’d be grateful.

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