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It's been 5 years since I started my college life. I am working now. I work, I earn, I have friends but still I feel complete lonliness. I have don't have any girlfriend and never had any, that's make me sick. Everytime I try to build something with someone some kind of issue comes out from their side. Either they are not ready or they just don't want anyone. Most of time every girl sees a normal friend in me. It feels like girls can date anyone except me. Not a single girl out there is interested in me. I know, I should focus on my career and all. But, I feel that I want someone in my corner too. I can't talk to my friends everytime. Sometimes, I don't even want a friend. Sometimes I want to ccry about this but I am really confused, should Ii cry about this or not. I feel like crying everytime. This feeling of lonliness it's just worse. It makes me wonder everytime, will I ever get a girlfriend?

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