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i am really depressed and worried. my bf is a muslim and i am a hindu... we still go for dates and we love each other. we dont have any common interests to talk to. but we are madly in love each other and thats crazy. now, its the 4th time he is breaking my heart by saying that we wont have a future ahead together. i am a person who needs support from someone. i fell to a dark place before, i didnt even recognise myself then.it was a worst nightmare. the last time he promised this wont happen again, and yet it did happened again. i am sick of it. i always look forward for commitment. if i dont see that in them i just leave. here, i am not able to leave him because i am very deeply in love with him. i am upset about this. all these days i couldnt speak to anyone. i do respect his family. but i am afraid that in future i will suffer and hurt a lot.

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