Loss of hope from self
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I always feel like crying,but cannot cry due to the stigma attached to it. I get triggered by almost every day. My family thinks that depression is just being tired or sad or irritated. Even my friends do not understand my situation. I have so much to study, I'm currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, but I am not able to concentrate. My parents have such high hopes for me that I feel like dying, all the time, because I'm not able to perform according to their standards. It's not that they pressurise me to get a particular grade, it's just that they hope I'm doing my best, which I clearly am not. There are days in which I do not study even a single word. All this makes me even more sad. I miss deadlines, score below average, I have lost all my hobbies. I don't know what should I do, I feel suicidal and helpless all day, with no one to understand me 😔

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