loss of motivation because of body image issue
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I'm done with my life I want to give up. I've no hopes and motivation to continue. I'm too skinny and I keep getting very harsh comments on my appearance from everywhere, even from my family. They even call me abnormal and say people who speak less are insane. They say I'll never have a normal life like them. They have even cursed me that I'll suffer very much in my life but no one will be there with me by my side. All such comments have taken me to depression. I'm unable to get away from these negative comments. I practice self awareness and challenge my negative thoughts and convert them into positive ones, but at last end up in negative thinking. I've believed that I'll never be able to have a normal life, I can never do anything in my life and so I want to end my life. Please help me. I want to get out from these negative thoughts. I've lost all my motivation to move on.

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