Low self control
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It's been 6 years and I haven't been able to study properly or plan anything which would satisfy me or see the end of anything I start! I've failed my exams a lot of times now, any exam for that matter, even my driving licence test, but I don't really have a problem driving on streets. I did start exercising but gave up soon. I just can't bring myself to do it. I don't even have any excuse. It's not like I've been an exceptional student in the past but I could read a few pages without yawning and giving up and then proceed to sleep for 12 hours. I had also topped 10th grade in my school then failed college lol. It's not like what I read is utterly uninteresting but I'd rather watch dramas or read comics which are relatively easy to stimulate my brain with, but nothing beats sleep, I've been sleeping quite a lot. I know the solution is better diet, plenty water and regular exercise but it's very difficult to start and even difficult to stick to! I'm just sick and tired of my clumsy attempts at improving my life quality and failing miserably again and again at even that.

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