low self esteem and relationship issue
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I was pregnant from January 2021 to September 2022 during my pregnancy I wasn't looking like myself my complexion changed everything changed,I am 4 months postpartum,I had pre clampsis which led to me having a c section, while trying to recover my baby fiance behavior changed,he started disappearing from Friday and coming to see his baby on Tuesday the next week,I had a gut feeling he was probably seeing someone else but I brushed it off,so one day I decided to give him a surprise visit that was a month ago and I found him with a girl who looked like I looked before pregnancy.i was devastated how could a person who is supposed to celebrate me do this to me.so my issue is I can't seem to get over what happened my self esteem keeps going down my complexion is going back to normal but I have developed pimples.i keep asking myself how a person who wanted a child could change so much after giving him said child

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