low self esteem and unable to handle emotions, missing classes
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I never feel happy. When I look years back, all I could remember was feeling alone and inferior to my sister and crying myself to sleep almost every day with her sleeping right next to me. That was 11 years ago. Now, a final year medical student, the only thing that got better was me hiding my depression well. All these times, I've never talked about this to my Family and the one time I did, they said "don't feel sad". I wish it was that easy. My I think I'm losing control, if I ever has. It's interfering with my studies now, I'm sleepy or tired all the time, losing interest in my passion for writing stories and I had to talk myself into getting out of bed and showing up at my class almost everyday. It's tiring and I'm starting to give up. I'm missing classes, I'm behind in my syllabus and living my life with absolutely nothing to look forward to. I don't want to do this everyday. I can't afford a therapist at this point and I'm desperate to try anything to feel normal and happy

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