low self esteem because of past events
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I am feeling a level of sadness everytime just like something missing.I am trying to be happy but not feeling excited. I am very much affected by overthinking.Only thinking about the past mistakes and becoming angry or upset.I am trying to be in present.But always thinking what should have done past. I think more about past insults and obsessed with those thinkings. I THOUGHT it is because of my job so I left the job,but surprisingly it has same effect.Now I am always thinking why I left the job.I considered to consult a psychatrist but my family and friends rebuked nothing happened to you ,you are just pretending.You are a loser so you are feeling like this.work hard everything will be fine.So I couldn't go to a psychiatrist.When some stress comes automatically those thinking coming to mind.So feeling irritated and agitated.Not feeling to mix with friends and talk anybody.So naturally I am unable to concentrate and happy. Feeling not excited so lying and sleeping in bed for most of the time. Whatever planning and schedule I am preparing not MOREEVER.Then I started new job, some days I felt little good but after that again it became as usual.I am bothering about past and thinking I could have got govt. job then only I could be happy. Whole life I have to suffer like this feeling coming to me.i AM FEELING WORTHLESS,HOPELESS AND GUILTY.A feeling of very angriness coming to my mind for some people as I think due to them my life got destroyed. N.B-No suicide feeling coming.

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