low self worth and depression because of difficult life situation
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hello, i am new here. i have been dealing with feelings of zero self worth tonight. i have always been hampered by big ups and big downs, but it seems to be particularly bad lately. i lost my father in March, my step dad in April, quit my job of almost 10 years in April, and i feel like there aren't any friends around anymore. sometimes i think even my dogs don't like me anymore. the only thing that brings me any joy is my daughter, and I only get to see her about 8 days a month for visitation. in the meantime, i have been self-medicating, and that only does so much to quiet it down. I'm just really tired of being alone, and the more i feel this way, the farther away i feel like people get from me. every time something positive happens in my life, something absolutely terrible happens, i just want to give up, and honestly, if it wasn't for my daughter, i would have already. is there anybody out there who feels like i do?

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