marital and in laws issues
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I got married in 2017 it was a love marriage.. after marriage normal issues has happened as it happens with every new couple but things got worst when my husband's sisters started humiliating me and my family all the time as my mother in law and father in law both were not well and bed ridden so they never said anything. I left my inlaws place in Jan 2019. Me and my husband decided to take divorce but after an year my husband requested me to come back as he needs his wife and he want to give another chance to our marriage, mean while he lost his both parents. Again i came back in nov 2020. He has 5 sisters and all are married except one who is widow and has son and stays with my husband.. my sister in laws dsnt like me.. they always pressurize my husband to divorce me they didnt allow me to come in to the kitchen i cant even cook food for my self i cant go anywhere in house in short my husband kept me in one room. He gives me food which he can cook or ordered food from outside.. my husband says he cant leave his sisters and he cant leave me too so i have to live like this... I am not able to understand what should i do

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