me and my
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me and my girlfriend we used to be happy at the time I was working ,i lost the job now she started to treat me as nothing .she is boss to me,shouting when talks to me but she talks to someone else is polite and give them that attention i was expected to be given. started to badmouthing about me to her friends and to my family. one day I had her talking with her friend and her friend asking about me,she didn't answer that and acted as if her grandma is coming so she cannot answer that,and says you my friend they always diffend them. i even now scared to ask her about that conversation of her and her friend ,i decided to keep my mouth of the whole day. on the following day i wake up on bed she's not talking to me i ask her started to shout at me ask me" why you didn't ask me yesterday " and started to call am childish

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