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I had my break 3 years ago when my girlfriend suddenly cut me out of all communications without saying a word. Till the date, she keeps haunting me. Her name, her thoughts, the places we passed through just scares me. I try talking to her through different channels but everytime she abuses me. Few days ago, I texted her that "it has been three years. still not enough to soften your anger/frustration on me". i got a reply i never expected. she called a psychopath. its not the first time that she abused me. She called me asshole, chep, and chu**ya before. But this time its different. Psychopath! thats a strong word. I am not hurt, or angry that how can she say that to me?! I am worried that since i heard that word from her I am scared that I really might be one. I have been instances, from past, scenes are flashing in my mind, these things are trying to convince me that I might be a psychopath! PLEASE HELP

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