miscommunication with neighbours
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hi im a 17 year old girl. Pls do try to give it a read . im very upset . I have nobody to share . Recently a boy has become a good friend of mine and he stays at the same apartment as i do. Im older than him . From past 2 months he's being very frndly with me , he shares his problems with me , wishes me good night and good morning . As a good human , i try to solve his problems , reply him gently and nicely and i never say a bad word to him. He says that he's lucky to have got a frnd like me . Just once he said me ' ily 3000' as we both are marvel fans and marvel fans know whay that phrase actually means. Everything was alright until today morning , i got a call from his mom . She asked me to meet her and as soon as i did so , she started blaming me and her son claiming that we're in a romantic relationship. i tried to convince her that wishing good morning and night and saying 'youre best' doesnt always mean that both r in a relationship. I said her so many times that its nothing like that and brother sisters, frnds can talk like that but she did not listen to a word that i say. she asked me to cut off all possible contact with him and also threatened me that she would complain my parents about that . My parents are very strict they let me use my phone for a strict amout of time. im very depressed and sad . I cant face her and fight for me cause im too scared of her spreading this false case . I cant concentrate in my studies. i have boards from may. I cant help myself from just crying .

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