Misunderstanding in friendship
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Hello everyone, Hope everyone is having a smooth sail. Very recently, I ended up having my friendship broken by one of my best friends. It was due to a huge misunderstanding which i wanted to clear but he wasn't ready to sort it out with me. On one hand I'm relieved because our friendship was extremely complicated due to the feelings that we had for each other and we're never acted upon. But on the other hand, i just miss him. I really did count upon him as one of the people I was closest to you. We hung out a lot, we talked a lot, we joked a lot, flirted a lot. But then one misunderstanding, took it all away. It's not like this is bothering me a lot, i can live without him, i just don't want to. Is there any way I can get him to sort it out with me, because I'm so sure that once he hears me out, we'll be back like we never left each other. But it's just that he was the one who ended this friendship with me. And he willingly didn't hear me out. So, i sometimes feel if he may even be interested in hearing me out and sorting it out. If he did care, he would've heard me out the very first time.

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