My condition is worsening..
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my condition is worsening guys.. 😥. I got two anxiety attacks today. my mind feels cloudy and I am constantly experiencing episodes of derealization. Guys I wanna ask you one simple question.., is this world real? I can't tell my family and friends about my situation because we live in India.. and in India if you have some mental illness log kuch nahi samjhenge and bas tumhe pagal bolna shuru kar denge.. 😔 there is no one to help me. I never ever thought that watching just a movie can cause this much pain and can be life threatening.. and I also never thought that I will say this but.. Dying feels less painful than suffering this life 😭. I don't know how long I can bear this.. But it's like living in hell.. 😰. God... what did I do wrong for which you are punishing me..? I have my 12th board exams from February and studying is a far away thing, I am not even able to keep myself calm. I can't even take any medical help myself because I'm just 17 years old. 😭😭

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