My Family Brings Out the Worst in Me
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I hate living with my family. They're good people, I have nothing terrible to say about their personalities, but they're not good for me. Everytime I'm staying at home my sanity crumbles into annoyance and repressed anger. Recently, I've been on a journey to better myself and I was making good headway. I was at peace. I was happier, healthier and kinder. I wouldn't say that I liked myself, but I was neutral to the person I had become. I was slowly building my self security and I was in an environment where I felt useful. Then I moved back home, and to spare you the details all the work I had done just vanished. I don't know whether its the constant guilt tripping I recieve, the loud and constant fighting within the family, my dad's binge drinking or even the fact that they make me feel useless. But whenever I'm with my family, I literally go insane, to the point where I hear their voices in my head telling me about how horrible I am, it's usually my mother and my sisters. HELP

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