my fear
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hey. i have wiered thoughts in my head which terrifies me so badly. what i m going to share might sound wiered but i have to say this and i need answer to this. when i was a kid i bieleved in god so much. i still do. i talked to god. i bielieved he listens to me. when i was probably 10 or 11 years old, one random day i made a prayer which i did not actually want. i did not want it to happen to me because that is the worst thing that can ever to happen to anybody. i don't know why did i say this to god but i m sure i did not want to say that. it was immortality. i said that i did not want to die. after that it started scaring me a lot. i cried a lot. i thought i would never die. i had a fear of immortality. i thought i would be trapped in this body for ever. but with the passing time this fear disappeared. i knew it was not possible. but when i got to know about the curse of immortality which was given to ashwathama, my fear returned. i thought i would happen to me too.

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