my mysterious health issue , need help please
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15 august 2022, i completed my azee 500 course.After that After every meal I feel nausea or vomit sensation as well as feel to go to washroom.I took deworm medicine but there was no betterment. Then i took blood test on month september , Mhv 82.3, rdw cv 17, nutrophils 35, lymphocytes 55, absolute neutrophil count 1.64, absolute basophil count 0, sgpt 5, total bilirubin 1.71, direct bilirubin 0.43, indirect bilirubin 1.28 everything else is normal in cbc and lft I am facing past 4 months(august to november) 1st I use to have nausea post meal 2nd dull pain in left upper abdomen 3rd post meal dizziness.Then i again took blood test on 14 feb 2023 ,My lft and cbc are normal my hav igm is 0.21 my hav igg is 4.62 .Then i took antacid and uleses for 1month course and felt best. Then i use to get burning sensation below right ribs during april, may, june 2023. Now i get dizzy,loose stools,dizzy after leg workout only and shivering .My sonograpy is normal. please tell what am i suffering from

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