my parents never trust me and has little to know respect for me
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my parents, are good but lower then that they never respected me or my privacy they could careless about it, just earlier in the moment my mom lashed out at me at every single thing I can't see why they were never things that were wrong?, my mom also likes to go into my phone and read my messages and everything. my dad is no where to be seen he barelys gaved me attention as a kid as I remember. the only memories I had of him was when I was at his workplace and him getting into fights with my mom, the reason why I hate them is because they would get mad at me for the littlest things and call me lazy ifni didn't do this and that in a single cay while also doing the shit and obnoxious chores they also don't support me in my hobby they also only buy things if it's necessary, if it's not then they would just say "I'll buy for you in the few month", they never did they just get my hopes up and don't do i just don't get it, is it so hard to just say no? why would they just get my hopes up

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