My special one changing
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i have a special person in my life.... but since he went to another city.. he changed he is not the same.. and that things is hurting me so much... we used to be so close...but now i don't feel good i can't share anything with him...neither he gives me time...he not at all cares for me...and day by day I feel I'm getting away from feelings for him are changing... but I can't think of leaving because I have shared the most terrifying secrets of my life with him...till now I feel he is the one for me..but his actions and behaviour is hurting me everyday...we don't talk for months...i can't trust anyone else like i trusted him..but I don't be sad all day...i want to feel happy...i want to be single...i want to enjoy my own company...I am just exhausted..🫠🫠

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