my story,,(wish I could post longer words)
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i am a teacher. some thoughts i live in a high and peaceful life. but I have stress, anxiety depression.sometimes I stressed out.I feel like I've been left alone in a dark room.i feel depressed. i wanted to be free.with no pressures,no thoughts of anything.but i feel numb.i don't feel anything at all.i look around and people are happy.and i think why can't I just be happy like the past two month i think of taking my life two times. i go up at the top five storey building and about to jump but I think again.why not try one more time.try to be happy.but still inside me.there is something off.something is missing.and again.this thought comes to my mind.and maybe it's better of this way and i lie down in the middle of highway and waiting for a vehicle to run me over.i waited for hours but any vehicle comes around.and in my mind.something comes and it's about praying.then i pray,'lord please i don't know what to do,help me,please'. and he still kept me alive. with no dream...

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