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Need some information about this or advice Why do I seek attention from people? Why do I fall in love so easily with anyone? why can't I judge people clearly? why do I think so emotionally about everything.? why am I so dependent on Others? why do I get nervous/not confident or theres a change in my personality when I am speaking to a person who has high knowledge and also someone I find attractive? why do I not understand what to say and when to say? Why can't I focus on my career and studies? why don't I have any dreams or goals? why people can easily make a fool out of me/ Manipulate me? why am I so conscious about everything? Example:- Noticing people who are fighting, Scared of judgement when In a metro, Noticing people too much in metro, Looking someone again and again, Stalking some friends/People, I hear everything what people talk about why do I get friendly with everyone, and then get disappoint if they are not friendly with me?

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