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need help to move on, been stuck on my ex since 5 months, I know 5 months is not long but my relationship with him was only of 3 months and wasn't really that serious(from his side) but I was really attached, I tried to get him back, failed everytime. Then the last time we talked a month back, I wrote him paragraphs explaining everything and he made fun of it and said some pretty messed up things to me, after than I've been trying to move on but I just keep thinking about him, the good times we had, there isn't any day I don't think about him, to get over him I even started talking to many boys, tried to be Playgirl but couldn't as I'm not like that, so I got a new boyfriend thought I would try it out but everytime I'm with him all I can think about is my ex. help me move on!

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