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can someone help me... I have to decide between choosing a normal paying job with life time job security(tcs) and other with higher package with don't know much about job security but has new technology...I guess I am ok with tcs as I don't bother much about money.. although work wise I have to sit on laptop continuously but it is not stressing....on other hand, other colleagues ask me if I work so much, then why don't you ask for more package or switch ... as I have resigned 2 months back...but now tcs is giving me 10 lpa to retain still I am confused whether to stay and enjoy life time peace here being in my comfort zone or should join new one which can help me grow mentally (although some tough time can be there)...days are passing by and I can't think any gut feelings are nil... everyone says close eyes, write on book ..and u will get answers..I tried but got not even a single answer from my gut feeling

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