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Hey, I'm having anxiety, overthinking, depression, stress.. I have all the mental issues. The main reason is because I had a very good partner with me in 11th and 12th std.. school was really good since I always had him with me.. But now we are in different college but in same city.. So i can't find any sought of happiness in my college.. Most of the time I'm anxious about him.. I can't stay positive.. I'm not able to mingle with my college friends.. I often think about him.. And i really want him to be with me forever and i really want a future with him.. As we r in different college we r not getting enough time to talk to each other.. I'm not able to study properly too.. Small small things make me sad these days.. in my college there are different types of students.. some students are really weird.. I always watch them and look at others and feel bad.. I can't be happy with my family also now.. Can anyone please help me..

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