Need your point of view on this please feel free to correct me & give suggestions
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I have been trying to loose weight since last year and I'm not that fat but it has became really really hard for me to loose weight !!! I didn't started good at start I didn't have that much knowledge about nutrition food intake exercise so I started as water fasting , tha I did omad , intermittent fasting and purely nothing worked for me but... now I have realised my mistakes & before this I was eating healthy for a month & half I saw results but just once!! I had a cheat meal and here we are back again at square one I couldn't control myself to move on from that guilt I was craving for more junk and here I am today trying since January start to loose weight but now I'm just too tired I wanna give up everything but I don't know I just cannot every thing now depends on my weight loss my confidence ,my behaviour,my future I know I have given too much importance to it but I can't control myself I just feel like that please help me 😵

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