negative sense of self because of parent's behaviour
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Pls can you help me. ive been so touchy these days, so easily moved to tears, theres also a lot of stress due to school, because of good grades and competition. and since im unable to get grades, i cheat sometimes. and even if i want to stop i cant. its really affecting my self esteem . im 17yo and i still stammer sometimes. my family aint helping much either. one of my family member recently said that they wanna change me who i am, and it hurts... my father is like that too. constantly pointing out my faults brutally touching topics that can make me emotional, and he also blames me for things i havent donw sometimes. i pretend im okay coz i dont think anybody wants to talk to me about myself. but its killing me inside. recently, one of my teachers who i adore, also indirectly implied that i dont know what hes teaching. i get sp many answers wrong in class. almost always feel like a fool. ive started to hate myself for being the way i am. and getting thoughts like i dont really matter to anyone, regardless of what they say. what do i do?

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