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My girlfriend says that how cute I am looking in these, I said send me your pic then. she said no, I ask reason, she told me different reason in daily 1st time she said that in these dress even I can't go in the front of girls .2nd time she said hand and leg are visible I can't send you,3rd time she said that sharam naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai ya nahi ,4th time she said that you came from heart to body. but still she didn't send me that pic. i love her so much since from 1st feb i hurt her till 8th because I repeat and ask about that to send me those pics. but her answer is that she never send .but generally when I asked about her pic she send me, due to these all i can't focus on my study's I am so much stressed. even I told all the things to her but she didn't send that pic. and it's running continuously in my mind as an imagination how cute she is look in that dress(it's of without sleeves and up knees) . Today it's 9th day but still....

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