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hi, everyone. i have now shifted to Hyderabad. i am Missing my home. yes the weather is much better, and i do have a sense of independence but still I can't fully enjoy it because of my job. i don't hate it but since I am in my training phase i am a bit worried whether I will be able to pull this off. so untill I get a good grasp of what I do I can't exactly relax. every day I think of my work and the possible worst consequences. even my mentor says that I overthink my job too much that's why even if i do things right i give way too much info which are unnecessary. I was feeling homesick like hell. i didn't wanna talk to my mom bcz that makes things worse. feels like I wanna run back to her. I don't exactly have friends here. I hate weekends bcz i remain silent most of the day. my job is work from home but I gotta be in one to talk to or go out etc. even workdays are hectic I don't feel lonely. Mon-Fri passes Fast but Sat Sun feels like eternity.

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